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Bavarian Twists and Bunny Tales

Posted by mtmom on March 28, 2010

I can’t believe I didn’t take photos — I recall *meaning* to. . . .

But I made a knitted bunny from the HeartStrings FiberArts pattern (see original on Ravelry here; download pattern from here).  Really, I did!

Here you see the knitted part:  – – – – >
From that point, there was a bit of sewing and stuffing, and then more sewing and more stuffing. . . .

And then I set it out by the widowsill for its photo shoot. . . . {ahem}

And then I mailed it to my niece for her just-before-Easter 6th birthday!  (Happy Birthday, Mary Margaret!)

Maybe they’ll send me a photo of said niece and said bunny?

On another knitting front,  I delivered the Dashing fingerless mitts yesterday.  Michael liked them and immediately got to show them off to some mutual friends — one an appreciative fellow knitter (Hi, Jan!).

Now for something WITH photos!

I’ve been enjoying working on a hat adapted from the Bayerische Sock pattern by Eunny Jang.  Here’s another knitter’s cap (Ravelry link) — Duckyshepherd has kindly made available a chart for top-decreasing that I look forward to using.  I chose a bulky/chunky-weight wool yarn by Brown Sheep, called Shepherd’s Shades — three 2-ply plies.  Color is SS333 “Papaya”.

Shepherd's Shades yarn

I’m just over halfway through the body of the hat, and I’ve consumed 40 of the 100 grams of yarn so far (swatch and ribbing and 1st patt rep).  Wonder if I’m going to need a second ball?  Eunny says of her sock pattern that it “eats yarn at a fearsome rate.  Plan on 3 balls of Jawoll for a pair.”  Better get another ball while the same dye lot is available at LYS!  (That’s one advantage of buying a yarn for a particular project and casting on right away.)

Chart A (Chart C is mirror image)

Chart B

Chart D











Yarn shows the texture pretty well, eh?  LYS employee Val recommended it when I asked for a “firmly-spun yarn for twisted stitch work”.

I’ve progressed some, since I took those images. Here’s a shot from this afternoon:

One more round, and I’ll have completed one full rep of the tallest pattern, 2 of each of the shorter (8-round) motifs.  After 2 full repeats, the top-shaping begins.

This one I actually intend to keep for myself — hope it fits!  (Haven’t had the courage to put it on a string/ribbon and try it on yet….)  Wish me well.


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