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Dashings Done, but Yet to be Delivered

Posted by mtmom on March 14, 2010

Sock Madness has kicked off with my Simple Side to Side Socks pattern for Round 1!  It has been really mad, trying to keep up with all the discussion on Ravelry.  Lots of questions, several finishers, some complaints, some compliments . . . .  On Ravelry’s listing of “new and popular” patterns, this sock has been vacillating between slots #3 and #4 for number of WIP’s.

I’d rather write today about finishing the Dashing fingerless mitts.

They began around 19 Jan.  Intended recipient, young bagpiper Michael Donelson, tried on the first mitt on 13 Feb and asked that the top be narrowed.  I worked the second mitt differently above the thumb (triangle of decreases) and then altered the first to match it.  As of 6 March, both are done and I’m waiting for him to pick them up — with it being so near to St. Patrick’s Day, his pipe bands (yes, plural!) are keeping him very busy.

Michael's hand, trying on mitt #1

Smile ladies! He's young, talented, and single. . . .

my hand, showing narrowed top


3 Responses to “Dashings Done, but Yet to be Delivered”

  1. Jean said

    Cute young man, the fingerless mitts will come in so handy for him and if he lives in your area they’ll be useful for much of the year!

  2. Angeluna said

    I have taken to knitting all of my fingerless gloves in sock yarn on small needles, very tightly and with an allover rib. They are much less bulky that way, much more flexible if you are “working” with them on. And yes, I use 2X2 tubular bind off to give them a snug, sturdy edge.

  3. Angeluna said

    Sorry, I meant to add very nice gloves and a charming young man.

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