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“Citius, Altius, Fortius” Knitting — Part II

Posted by mtmom on February 22, 2010

Some serious knitting (and crochet) has been happening this past week at Mountain Mom’s house!

DD1 has discovered amigurumi and now has 4 creations under her belt.

#4 Polar Bear

#3 Penguin

#1 kitty-toy Fortune Cookie, #2 blue Lovebird

All of these were made from free Lion Brand downloads.









From these, and the Crochet Workbook we had when last we were snowed in, in mid-January, she learned enough to “free-hand” this hat.

and Hat makes 5!

She now has her own Ravelry account and has earned 3 medals in the Ravelympics!

As far as my own “Olympic” knitting, since I completed the Chunky Charity Cap-in-a-Day, I have also finished the Inishturk Tam and Swatch #1 for Master Knitter Level III and am most of the way through a lopi-style cap (or cowl) where I’m using 3 colors at once in many, if not most, of the rounds.  Each of these an “Olympic” challenge!

Inishturk Tam

Swatch #1 (first go - may redo later if I can't block out that bias)

Lopi "God's Eye" Cap/Cowl

“God’s Eye” is the name given to that main motif, when used in fisherman’s ganseys.  I transferred into Icelandic-style yarn both the motif and the Channel Island cast-on.

I learned these during my study of fishermen’s sweaters for my Level III report on ethnic knitting, and I’ve been enjoying using the cast-on.

There *are* other things, knitting and otherwise, going on — even a bit of housework — but nothing post-ready yet. . . .

[Wordpress seems to be having trouble with images today!  Please check back later if they aren’t showing up just now.  Sorry!  😦  ]

4 Responses to ““Citius, Altius, Fortius” Knitting — Part II”

  1. Angeluna said

    I am seriously impressed with DD1!

  2. Jean said

    It seems talent runs in your family. The Lopi hat/cowl is turning out lovely. I guess it’s still cold up there. We did get the return of some cooler weather and temps are now in the 60’s, so maybe I can wear my handwarmers tomorrow morning on the way to work.

  3. Nancy said

    Love the God’s Eye; but, no jogless jog?

    • mtmom said

      Ha, ha! I fiddled with that a bit, but with garter stitch, slipping stitches or working beg-of-round sts together upsets the rhythm of the ridges. A little end-tugging makes it look much better. : )

      I altered the stitch count to make the speckles at the top and bottom work out to be jogless (multiple of 10 *minus* 1), but didn’t re-alter it higher up to accommodate the other patterns. At some point, I decided I’ll be cutting it open anyway, so jogless won’t matter.

      -Deborah (Mt. Mom)

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