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Snow on Snow on Snow

Posted by mtmom on January 21, 2010

Three storms in one week!  10.5″ + 9″ + 2 or more feet of snow; currently chest-high in our yard.  And now the snow has turned to rain — ugh!  Gonna compact the snow, making it too heavy to shovel, gonna freeze on the roads and walks, and gonna flood down at lower elevations (like Sedona, Oak Creek, even down to Phoenix). Thought I’d try to give you a bit of the flavor of it through images.  Witness the gradual burying of our gas grill!  (“Before” shots are above the “after” shots from similar vantage points.)

sun after storm #1 - back yard

sun after storm #2 - driveway and front yard (north)

Storm 2 - front yard (south)

Storm 3 - back yard

Storm 3 - Jim shoveling driveway

Storm 3 - front yard (south)


2 Responses to “Snow on Snow on Snow”

  1. jean said

    The storm we had yesterday was really a doozy, hope you fair well with this one, it was larger than the others. Had lightening and thunder yesterday and well into the night. Take Care

  2. Nancy said

    Yeow! Have been watching The Weather Channel which had their eve anchor Paul Goodloe in Flagstaff last night. Also a friend in Willcox is sending me updates on DPS roadclosures, tornadoes (did you hear about the Barett Jackson Auction and the tornado –ouch!), flooding, etc. Glad to see you are still OK thru all this.

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