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Passing of a Bagpipe Teacher

Posted by mtmom on November 15, 2009

What an emotionally exhausting few days it’s been.  Got news on Monday that Jim Thomson, founder of “my” beloved Bagpipe School, had died while attending Highland Games in Tucson.  I knew him, but not well.  It was a very sad thing for many of my piping friends; he taught many of them, and all for free — to ensure the spread of the tradition.  The School will go on, but his absence will be keenly felt.  I volunteered to read the Scriptures, as the funeral was held at my church where I’m a “lector” (reader) — it’s what *I* could do.  I choked up on the “death and pain and sorrow will be no more” part.

Here is some video footage I took at the wake — of course there was piping! — held at a different church across town.  Pipe Major is the dear Michael Donelson; dancer is Megan McPherson.  (Maybe back to knitting news later in the week.)

3 Responses to “Passing of a Bagpipe Teacher”

  1. Anne Last said

    Maybe some of the really great pipers are getting together in heaven. The College of Piping here on PEI lost Scott MacAulay
    about a year ago.

  2. Jean said

    Touching ceremony, I find it wonderful that you could hold such a fitting wake for this caring teacher. Thanks for sharing. I wore the Monkey socks yesterday and love the fit, they actually stayed up all day! Very comfortable pattern and easy to memorize.

  3. Jean said

    I read your comment earlier (on my blog) the bamboo would have been a great place to play. The sound these giant bamboo made during a windy day was a little scary, they clunked and groaned while the wind roared through them (hate to think of them during the Santa Ana’s). On a calm day, they are quite majestic. You are right, its been hard limiting myself to just three projects, but I’ll try it for awhile and see if I get more accomplished. I wish I had more time to knit! (we probably all do)

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