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Endings and Beginnings and Middles

Posted by mtmom on October 11, 2009

vest+papersI finished the figuring for multiple child-sizes.

My brain finally found a “groove” on Friday midday; when I tried to get back to it in the evening, the “groove” was gone and I found the struggle SO frustrating.  Estimating fit is the area of knitting with which I am least comfortable.

What remains for this vest pattern project is only finalizing the schematic.  DH drew me one using Mathematica (don’t ask me how. . . .); I need to add inches and centimeters for the blocked vest in each size.

I started with widths, adding/subtracting whole multiples of the slip-stitch pattern symmetrically about the center-front and center-back.  I can add/subtract neck-width (increments of 8 stitches for front, plus 8 for back), shoulder-width (8 sts front and 8 back), and armhole width (4 sts each side).  Those are sizable width-changes, so I only altered one area each time I sized up or down.  For instance, going from 8/9 (model size) to 6/7, I kept the same neck and underarms, but narrowed the shoulders; from 8/9 up to 10, I widened the armholes.  It all worked out into 5 sizes:  18 months/2 years to 10 years.  Only 3 sizes are required by the publisher.

Lengthwise, I can add/subtract whole (4 rows/rounds) pattern-repeats below the underarm to add overall body-length, between underarm and neck-front (armhole depth), and along sides of the neck (neck-drop).

Having finished the vest knitting, I was able to join in on a knit-along hosted by Schoolhouse Press.haze_shawl_day7

The design was created by Marilyn van Keppel, translator of nordic-language Faroese and Icelandic knitting books, especially patterns with lace.

I’m using Kidsilk Haze on US size 7 (4.5 mm) needles.  It’s knitting up like a cloud and I’m really enjoying this “neck scarf”.  (Green yarn is provisional cast-on; copper pins mark center column.)

It’s not the first time I’ve started a lace project; the last one I frogged and did not enjoy at all.  This time is different.  Perhaps it’s the timing, or perhaps it’s that this yarn is not slippery and “out of control”-feeling.  Either way, when I think knitting, this is currently the project I want most to pick up.

I do also have a relatively mindless hat on the needles.  (Lace takes lots of concentration.)green_hat

3 strands of related greens: one furry, one multi, one heather; round & round like a barber-pole, begun from a sock-type “Judy’s Magic CO” of 6 or 8 stitches at the top.  Very soft.

Eventually, I’ll get back to the red baby hat, the entrelac shawl, the gansey sampler, et al, but right now these are sufficient for me.


2 Responses to “Endings and Beginnings and Middles”

  1. Jean said

    Such dedication, it just never occurred to me – all the work that goes into creating a pattern. This vest is one of those universal garments that could be worn by men, women or children – what a clever design, all one needs to do is to change the colors. Please do show the neck scarf when it is finished. How do I get this pattern? I would like to knit a few this winter.

  2. Hi mtmom, It is nice and informative.Thanks for sharing with us.

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