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Vest: Edgings are Next.

Posted by mtmom on October 4, 2009

I’ve completed the back and front, and joined them up (twice now — ahem — all part of “the design process”!).  Hurray!

vest+cat (Do you have a helper like this?  I know Jean does. . . .)

Next, I went to pick up stitches around the neck opening, to add on the neckband, and discovered I had some more choices to make.

(I thought I’d figured this out already, but. . .) I see at least 2 ways to go from here, depending on when I bind off the neck sts and where I pick up the band sts.

The slip-stitch pattern has a single garter-stitch ridge of green between each rank of “windows”.  How many ridges do I want at neck-front?

I could have 2 ridges:

2 ridges

2 ridges

Or, I could have 1.5 (I don’t like the row of stockinette stitch — interrupts the flow):

1 1/2 ridges

1 1/2 ridges

Or, I could have a single ridge:

1 ridge

1 ridge

I don’t have the original swatch anymore, to examine and see what I did then.  I think I had 2 ridges.

Now, I’m thinking to go with the single ridge.

I still have enough (I think) time to do it that way, and then change it if I don’t like how it looks.

After the pick-up ridge(s), I’ll do one repeat of the border pattern, to echo the bottom edge.

2 Responses to “Vest: Edgings are Next.”

  1. Jean said

    Its funny how they manage to find our knitting or actually anything that you are trying to photograph. They just appear like magic! The vest is design is so nice, I like the way the bottom of the vest compliments the rest of the design.

  2. Nancy said

    From your pictures, I vote for 1 ridge of garter stitch before mirroring the lower edge.
    Nikki, my cat, finds my knitting while I’m knitting it and ‘guards’ it without getting on it while it’s blocking!

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