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More Vest Progress

Posted by mtmom on September 30, 2009

(and Less Anxiety — hurray!)

vest_backI have been cranking out the fabric, with the aid of audiobooks and podcasts to keep me going and not watching the clock.

The armhole shaping was interesting.  I kept close tabs on exactly where and when I made each decrease, so that the pattern write-up will be accurate, updating the computer file and marking on my hard-copy as I went.  (The paper seems more “real” to me. . . .)

I’m about to reach another decision point, and I would appreciate your input.

Neck-back shaping.  To work it straight or modify the slope/opening.

(A) The slip-stitch pattern has such strong horizontal lines, any stair-steps (especially how they don’t *exactly* match left-to-right!) will stand out, leaving me with doing short-rows if I want to raise the neck.

(B) I can drop the center section by binding it off one pattern-rep sooner.

Or I can do both.  Or neither.  (That latter is by far the easiest option.)

Here are sketches to illustrate my options, as I currently see them.

vest_back_sketchesThe thicker green lines are where I think I might insert a pair of short-rows.  At first, I thought I’d add cream, making one rank of boxes taller, but then I decided the green option would be less obtrusive.  Q:  Would I need to add rows on the front shoulders as well, to have the front and back meet evenly?  That would be visually distracting — and right near the face — blech!

Q:  Might the straight dropped-center make the shoulders sit better than if they were fully straight across?

Here’s the main question/ what I especially wish I knew: Q:  How do each of these options affect FIT?  (This is a vest for a child, but even kids have necks that sit to the front of center, and they individually do/don’t have shoulder slope.)  FIT is the only reason that I’m considering modifying the simple, straight shape.

I don’t think I’ll have time to experiment, and probably need to just Decide and Go.  Hopefully, there will be other garments in which to try out other combinations. . . .

INPUT:  What has been *your* experience with making and with wearing these different kinds of neck/shoulder treatment?  Thank you for taking the time to think on this and respond in the Comments!  🙂


One Response to “More Vest Progress”

  1. Jean said

    It’s been a horrendous week at work for me, I worked over 50 hours, plus the commute to and from work, barely had time for a meal, let alone visiting my favorite blogs. The design is coming out so nicely. What a great job you are doing!

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