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Progress, with Anxiety

Posted by mtmom on September 24, 2009

I keep fighting this awful feeling that I’m not progressing “fast enough” to make the deadline with this garment and pattern.  But all I can do is keep moving forward.

Here’s today’s status:

windows_5inches It’s about 4 inches (10 cm) tall so far, and I need to get at least 10″ (25 cm) before beginning underarm shaping.

That’s the first point where I’ll really be able to see how the pattern stitch is going to align with the “holes” for arms and head, how the sides and front/back will line up in the final piece.

Gauge is 5.5 stitches/inch, or 22 sts x 38 rounds = 4″/10 cm on a US size 7 (4.50 mm) circular needle.

Have you noticed that circs labeled as 24″ may be 24″ from tip to tip, or it may be that the cable alone is 23-24″, with 8-10″ of tips added on after that?  That can make a big difference when working barely over 24″ of stitches.  Even this vest, at about 29″ circumference, would be uncomfortably stretched if I used a “24 inch” needle that was actually more like 32″ all told.  [my complaint of the day — sigh — forgive me]  This makes me uncertain what to prescribe in the written pattern; I may have to add a note/caveat on the subject, or else only recommend a 24″ circ for the larger sizes.  I find that a good fit between project-size and needle-size is very important to the “flow” of the knitting; don’t you?


4 Responses to “Progress, with Anxiety”

  1. KnittingSuzanne said

    That is a good point. You could cover that little fact in the “designer notes”. I think it is a valid issue and worthy of exploring. The sweater is looking good so far.

  2. Jean said

    I like Suzanne’s point about the designer notes. This would have never occurred to me. Yikes – you could be saving people alot of heart ache.

  3. Nancy said

    I never believe needle size, whether it be a US 1 for girth or 16″ (of what? total length? cable? Never know!!!), for example. I’ve had too many surprises, just as you suggest.

  4. Jean said

    I have to leave another comment. Enjoy the process of your first published pattern and don’t let self doubt ruin it. Just look at the moment that you are in and try not dwell on the future. You will do great!

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