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Mt. Mom is to be Published!

Posted by mtmom on September 20, 2009

That’s my big announcement.  CastOn magazine accepted my design proposal for their spring 2010 issue.  That means a deadline of 16 October — 4 weeks!

Here’s some of what’s happened on this front so far.

Original Swatch

Original Swatch

30 July: received the e-mail “call for submissions” from the editor.  I already had an idea along the lines of the issue’s theme, so I got to work.

11 Aug: mailed in a swatch and 2-page proposal.

8 Sept:  received e-mail acceptance letter:  “We would like to use your ‘Peek Through the Windows’ vest design for the spring 2010 issue of Cast On magazine.”  (wow!  eek!)

12 Sept:  received the yarns selected by the committee:  Cascade 220 in cream and deep teal.

somebody *really* loves this yarn

somebody *really* loves this yarn

Balled up the yarn (with a little {ahem} help) .




17 Sept:  confirmed new color-arrangements by sending in a photo of new swatch.

Swatch with new yarn and colorways

Swatch with new yarn and colorways

(They want the green over cream.)






Began writing stuff down and cast on.

"Windows" clipboard



Realized I didn’t know enough about how the pattern stitch was going to fit into the armhole and neckline shaping, so I went to the blackboard — my favorite place for figuring out stitch-counts.

."Windows" blackboard

Came up with the bare-bones of shaping and how to keep the 3-and-1 color rhythm centered.  Worked a doll-sized swatch with shaping.  Found where I want beginning-of-round to fall (and where it does *not* look good"Windows" doll vest

Figured out cast-on and bind-off  and join-up numbers, by means of another chart and a calculator."Windows" chart

Ripped back the 5 rounds I’d already done, gently steamed the yarn to get rid of the kinks, and re-cast-on.  Then re-figured, backed up most of 1 round and added 8 more stitches, realized I’d still acted too soon and backed up again (this time only a handful stitches — Learning!) and took those 8 extra stitches back out.

Now I’ve got 160 stitches cast on, joined into the round, and ready to proceed — this time with a much more definite plan in mind (and on paper!).  Hurrying can be such a time-waster!

More later!

5 Responses to “Mt. Mom is to be Published!”

  1. Jean said

    Congrats! How much fun are you having? Looks like you are really enjoying the process. Can’t wait to see your finished product. Isn’t it nice of kitty to help you out with your yarn winding (giggle).

  2. KnittingSuzanne said

    It’s really looking good. Looks like you are having fun. This can be addicting you know.

  3. Nancy said

    What terrific news! I love seeing your project develop.

  4. Angeluna said

    Brava Cousin! What exciting news. The pattern looks great so far.

  5. Walden said

    Congrats, I always love to hear about how people go through their process!

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