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An Original EZ-sweater Resurfaces

Posted by mtmom on September 15, 2009

I read this post by Jared Flood (aka brooklyntweed), and followed his links to this wonderful article by Sunday Holm for Twist Collective, about reknitting a sweater made decades ago by Elizabeth Zimmermann herself, and this remembrance by the sweater’s owner, a childhood neighbor to the Zimmermann family.

EZ fans (among whom I count myself) will really enjoy these!


2 Responses to “An Original EZ-sweater Resurfaces”

  1. Jean said

    That was quite a story. The love and dedication of this knitter was quite touching. I love the style of this cardigan, very charming. Thanks for sharing your discovery with us.

  2. I am very excited to be knitting the Elizabeth Zimmerman Green Sweater by Sunday Holm. I am in the mountains of Colorado for over a month making jewelry with my BrotherFriend, Chris of ChrisNelsonGold, and am stuck on the sleeve steek thing!!! Anyway doing research on-line to find help and visuals, wish someone would do a video of this amazing sweater. I VERY happily found Karabosse’s Blog with her wonderful photos of her Green Sweater, but will look more to see what additional photos I can find. She said there is some erratta which I will have to locate! I just bought the pattern mid-2011 so maybe I have them already in the SchoolHouse Pattern.

    I am making the sweater longer, at the behest of my Wife who says I knit tooooo many short little sweaters! I’m not sure if the sleeves will turn out to be Dolman, or If I’ll be making the slimmer ones….. I THOUGHT I would make the slimmer ones, but now that I am 2 rows past the steeks for the sleeves I’m not at all sure what I am doing!!! I can’t get a visual of where I am going and how the steeks work! I did knit 10 inches before doing the sleeve steeks in an attempt to make a longer sweater, AND at the risk of offending PURISTS, of which I AM NOT, I put a pocket on my waist area for my cell phone, OR for a tissue or 3..

    Soooo, looking for help.

    Demetra Gayle
    aka: Blackgoldwoman on Ravelry

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