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The Sumac always goes First. . . .

Posted by mtmom on September 3, 2009

The very beginnings of autumn are starting to appear here on the mountain.

Two weeks ago, a *few* yellow leaves peeked out from among their green brethren on the locust trees. aug_locust

And the sumac began to blush in hidden places.  aug_sumac1

But, with Labor Day coming up this weekend (and the County Fair — more on that later), the sumac has kicked up the colors a notch.

sept_sumac1 sept_sumac2Everything is still mostly green, as you see, including that aspen on the left and the honey locust on the right.

But more and more yellow, orange, and red are coming out in the sumac patch.

Every year it’s lovely,

and comes with cooler mornings and evenings.

One can just FEEL autumn easing on in.

It stirs something in me. . . .

How about you?

One Response to “The Sumac always goes First. . . .”

  1. Jean said

    We are hoping our heatwave actually calms down this weekend, maybe temps will drop into the upper 80’s (if we are lucky). Then the fire fighters will be able to contain and snuff out all the fires around us. Cooler weather sounds great, knitting becomes even more appealing. You have such great weather to wear you knits, scarves, sweaters, hats, mittens… Can’t wait to see a photo of the Sumac in its full glory.

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