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New Look, Same Blog

Posted by mtmom on August 18, 2009

After seeing my son set up his own new blog, I’ve resolved to spruce things up a bit around here. First, I chose a new “Theme” that allows the width of the main text to adjust. Next, I updated my “About” page. Then, since this “theme” doesn’t show my sidebar list of “Completed Projects” (and since it just needs doing!), I’ve started bringing my page of “Finished Objects” up to date. This means finding and pulling together photos and dates and text since October 2008, so it’ll take a while to complete. (I can’t find photos of my Level 2 mittens, except the one post-review! May have to check the Trash file. . . .) I hope to post actual knitting content here soonish.

Oh, my teen-genius son’s blog, you ask?  It’s called “Rice, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Education”, and may be found by clicking the name/link.

One Response to “New Look, Same Blog”

  1. Jean said

    I thought I clicked on the wrong blog! Can’t wait to see how this plays out. Have fun with it.

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