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What next?

Posted by mtmom on July 30, 2009

Having put most everything else on hold, while finishing Robert’s hose and Aaron’s mending, and with those now completed, I’ve been casting about for a next project.  Lots of ideas, and I’ve made a start at several, but which one will “catch”?  Below you see balls/skeins of. . .

. . . pink      green      eggplant

yarns to begin projects.









Pink:  wool/silk for a gansey sampler for possible Master Knitter level 3 project;
Green:  Koigu for next year’s Sock Madness, design due in September;
Eggplant:  swatching Louet Gems for sportweight kilt hose;
Blue-green:  scrap for a sock’s provisional cast-on;
Grey:  testing gauge of fingering doubled for kilt hose;
Red:  swatching Panda Silk for Baby Surprise Jacket, baby-cousin due in October.
Hmmmm.  An embarrassment of riches!

And which might make for good travel knitting? — I’m planning a trip in August.

(The notebooks contain my Master Knitter work for levels 1 and 2, and project journals.)

Btw, isn’t my little piper cute?  No, I didn’t make him myself; I bought him a few years ago at the Celtic Festival and now he “watches over” my knitting.


One Response to “What next?”

  1. Jean said

    Looks like you have a reliable guard for your knitting! Personally I brought along a sock project and a scarf to knit on for my trip (didn’t get as much knitting done as I thought I would, but it was there just in case – sorta like a security blanket, I seldom leave the house without my knitting bag). Happy vacation and do share photos please,

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