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Kilt Hose First Fitting

Posted by mtmom on July 12, 2009

We had our first fitting on Friday — checking lengths and snugness.





They need about 1″ more height, but no more  (I had another pair of expert eyes to check for me — thanks Aaron).  The toes could use a bit more room, but they’ll be OK if I don’t have time to get to them before next weekend when Robert goes back to Ireland.  I think I’d make another pair a bit more roomy overall — my last pair (for myself) sagged in the legs and I didn’t want that to happen with these.


2 Responses to “Kilt Hose First Fitting”

  1. Nanette said

    I love them! The color is so stunning and they fit great! He’s lucky to have you to knit such gorgeous kilt hose!

  2. Jean said

    My socks usually stretch out a bit after wearing and as long as he washes them correctly they would probably be just fine. Loose socks that always slide down are the worst, and I can imagine they would not be too endearing to a bagpiper (no free hands to hike them back up again). Good choice of color.

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