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Sock Mistake Caught and Fixed

Posted by mtmom on July 5, 2009

I’ve finished with all the calf-increases on piper Robert‘s second sock — hurray!! RWatt socks Just the “work even” few inches and garter left to go.

Then the cuffs.

Or perhaps we’ll have the try-on first, then any alterations, and then the cuffs last of all.  Partly depends on *when* I finish the socks-proper, as I’m expecting Robert and all the other bagpipe instructors to arrive in town on Sunday, 12th July.  The following week, with all the lectures and concerts (I listen but don’t play, so I don’t take part in the classes), will be busy and exciting!



The “mistake” of the title, you ask?

Examine the following close-up images: wrong v

You see the wide central V in the left photo?

Something’s missing.  What happened to the wide-narrow-wide rhythm?

I had forgotten to make a certain few of those new (increased) stitches purls instead of knits.  No wonder the central rib got so wide so soon — I knew something was amiss and finally realized what it was.  Boy, am I glad I caught it!

I dropped down just the offending 4, and corrected them.

fixed v

Can you see the “extra” V now, that wasn’t there before?  And the 2 narrow ribs flanking it?


Now, as for the cuffs. . .

My sampler is progressing.cuffs Different yarns, different stitch patterns, even some beading experiments along the way.  (This is for now and for later.)

I didn’t enjoy the first (purple) one, worked side-to-side.  Don’t know quite why. . . .

The top 2 are possibilities for the current pair:  “ploughed field” (yellow) and an arrowhead pattern of slanting ribs (olive).  Plus a few more I want to see before I make up my mind.

See how the stitch patterns affect the gauge:  all 3 top bands are worked over 60 stitches in different colors of same yarn on same needles, but the white lace bulges out while the yellow slip-stitch-psso section pulls in.  Ribs are in-between.


2 Responses to “Sock Mistake Caught and Fixed”

  1. Jean said

    Good thing you caught this! Can you imagine if you hadn’t noticed. Will someone be modeling them when they are finished?

  2. I certainly hope so!

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