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An FO! And a Turned Heel

Posted by mtmom on June 19, 2009

I finished the scarf in Twisted Fiber Art “Duchess” DK-weight yarn, colorway “Rodney”, and gave it to Julie (the woman who taught me to knit) for her church Craft Sale.

Twisted Bias Scarf

She was delighted!  I always enjoy getting to visit with Julie.  This time we talked about the (apparently dozens of) Ring-necked Doves that moved into our neighborhood this last year; a pair of them come often to my millet feeder and I see them perched atop our streetlamps.  She says they came here from Kuwait by way of Los Angeles, blown in by a storm, and managed to survive the winter.

Yesterday, I turned the heel on Robert‘s second sock and resumed in-the-round knitting.

foot 2 top

Now, to check which round begins the ribbing. . . .  Gotta match sock #1, and both gotta fit!


2 Responses to “An FO! And a Turned Heel”

  1. Walden said

    The scarf turned out wonderful. I love how the repeats worked perfectly!

  2. Jean said

    That scarf will sure go fast, what a generous gesture on your part. The kilt sock is really starting to take shape. Thank you for the advice on the sock yarn.

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