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More Kilt Hose Bits and Even Some Scarf Action

Posted by mtmom on June 14, 2009

Robert Watt‘s kilt hose are progressing — about midway into second sock’s foot.  RWatt toe 2

So far, $33 in yarn (2 skeins of *wonderful* Finnish Satakieli from Schoolhouse Press) and almost 30 hours of labor over the course of 4 weeks (for me, that’s full tilt and beyond).  What shall I charge?  At $1/hr + supplies, I’d estimate $95 – $100; at $2/hr, maybe $160 – $175.  Handknitting is not especially lucrative. . . .  Good thing that’s NOT why most of us do it!

One last hole in Aaron’s purpler pair.  last purple hole





And the heel of sock #3 has required some extensive rebuilding!  (Errk — all those ends!)brown heel patch

I actually *have* done a little on another project.  Twisted Bias Scarf w yarn

As you may be able to see from the photo, I’ve got almost exactly one color-repeat left (from lt. blue to lt. blue), which is enough for one more triangle plus a bit, but not enough for a triangle and another 1/2-triangle to square-off the end.  So, I’ll be making the next panel the last!!  Whoopee!

(This has been a background project for a long while now. . . .)


One Response to “More Kilt Hose Bits and Even Some Scarf Action”

  1. Jean said

    I could never knit for a living, I’m just too darn slow at it. The sock repair looks very, very time consuming and how re you going to get all those ends in? The scarf is going to be a nice touch of color to don, especially during your long cold spells.

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