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A Distraction Arrives

Posted by mtmom on May 27, 2009

So, I’m progressing nicely on Robert‘s kilt hose . . .RWatt ribs

. . . when what should come in the post, but some delightful but distressed kilt hose made by fiber artist Debra Gilding of D&D Natural Fiber Co.    2 pairs of D&D kilt hose

(Chloe finds them Very Interesting.)

If you’ve never seen her work, you’ve GOT TO go on over and look!

She made the socks, Aaron made the holes in the heels.  (You can see these hose in the band’s main web-photo.)  And I’m going to mend them.worst heel

Even the coolest bagpipers wear out their socks!

These hose are made with such great craftsmanship!  Not only are the color patterns complex (Debra custom dyes and plies the yarns she uses in these socks!),

seam outer

but the seaming is virtually undetectable

on the outside

and, most especially for foot-comfort,

smooth on the inside.

green inside seam

I am SO impressed!  (And that’s alot of why I’m willing to take my time to mend these works of art.)

This is much better-done than the seam on the Argyle socks I submitted for Level II.  I wonder if she gives lessons. . . or tips?


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