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Narrow-Ankled Dimpled Diamonds (Part 2) and Pattern FAQ

Posted by mtmom on May 17, 2009

More non-competition variations for my “Dimpled Diamonds” sock pattern, released to participants in Sock Madness 3 on Tuesday, 12 March, now that the round has closed.

(I’m writing only the *modifications*, for you to pencil them into your margins.)  I enjoyed knitting this pattern, and I sincerely  hope that you will too!

Dimpled Diamonds Socks

If you are working the size specified in the  Sock Madness pattern and want to narrow the ankle section only, use these numbers after you turn the heel:

Rd 5:  K 18, sl(p)3 . . . .

Rd 8:  K2, k2tog, k to last 4 sts, ssk, k2.

Rd 9:  K 14, sl(p)3 . . . .

Rd 12:  K2, k2tog, k to last 4 sts, ssk, k2.

Rd 13:  K 10, sl(p)3 . . . .

Rd 16:  K2, k2tog, k to last 4 sts, ssk, k2.

Rd 17:  K 6, sl(p)3 . . . .

Rd 21:  K 3, sl(p)3 . . . .

Your final expansion rd will be Rd 25, instead of Rd 29 like the other sizes, but the same directions will work for you.  Follow them as written in the pattern from here on.


For a narrower foot overall, see previous post from 5/13.


Dimpled Diamond pattern FAQ:

Q:  What does the term “touch-down stitch” or “anchor stitch” refer to?  A:  That is my own term for the single knit stitch after a long run of slipped stitches; not a special technique, just a shorthand term that I can then use later on in the pattern.

Q:  When you “knit under” the strand, are you knitting that as a new stitch?  A:  No, you’re knitting a stitch in the current row, but reaching your right needle tip under that loose strand on the front 2 rounds down before you do it.  This tucks the strand around behind the new stitch, thus the term “tuck stitch”.  Your stitch-count should not change.

Q:  Does it matter exactly where I start the arch-shaping?  A:  No, but be sure to do it before the heel, so that your stitch-count will match the pattern as you go forward and your arch/instep will have enough room in the sock.


No news yet on my resubmitted Level 2 materials.  DH mailed the box on Friday and I don’t expect the reviewer to receive it until the middle of next week.  I’ll work on and post about other stuff in the meantime . . . .


2 Responses to “Narrow-Ankled Dimpled Diamonds (Part 2) and Pattern FAQ”

  1. Jean said

    That looks like the perfect yarn for that pattern, the colors look like a couple of the colors in rainbow sherbet. Fab socks!

  2. joy Fortune said

    this was one of my fave’s for sockmadness. thank you

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