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Narrow Dimpled Diamonds — Part 1

Posted by mtmom on May 13, 2009

Dimpled Diamonds Socks

Dimpled Diamonds Socks

At least 2 knitters have finished their socks (wow!), so I think it’s “safe” now to post some non-competition-appropriate variations.

First installment is a version that is narrower overall, as I made my prototype.  This width takes less yarn:  I used only 74 grams/280 yards of Shepherd Sock stripey yarn.  Later on, I plan to post changes to narrow only the ankle.

Errata found so far:    — Mark these on your pattern!!

  • The center-back marker needs to go after st #19 and not after #18. I think all the instructions after that are correct (the “k18, slip 3,…” ones), once the marker is in the right place.  You’ll know your Rd 5 is right if you slip the last 2 sts on heel ndl and the 1st st on instep ndl and your touch-down st is directly above the tuck-st of previous set.
  • Toe, Round 2, the bracketed instructions should read: “k1, kfb, k to last 3 sts on ndl, kfb, k2”.
  • Foot, Rd 9, instep should end with “k4”, to make 5 knit sts altogether.
  • Ankle, Rd 3, the marker should go after st #19, and the plain round before the final expansion is Rd 28, not Rd 29.


Competitors must work the pattern as written, but non-competitors who want an overall narrower foot on their Dimpled Diamonds socks may make the following modifications.

Same toe, but stop when you reach 29 + 29 = 58 sts.

Patt Rd 1: K 5, sl(p)3 . . . .  (You fill in the rest; be symmetrical.)

Patt Rd 3: K5, dip-&-tuck . . . .

Patt Rd 5: K2, sl(p)3 . . . .

Patt Rd 7: K2, dip-&-tuck . . . .

Patt Rd 9: K 3, sl(p)5 . . . .

Patt Rd 11: K 5, dip-&-tuck . . . .

At 5 – 5 1/2″, add 3 pairs of sole sts, as directed, unto 29+35= 64 sts.

Work heel as directed, but on 35 sts.  So your first turn will be between sts #34 and #35.

Ankle choices:
Slim = decrease a pair of sts on rd 8 and on rd 12, unto 60 sts.
Avg = increase 1 pair of sts on rd 4, unto 66 sts; perhaps use smaller ndl on cuff-top.
Wider = inc 1 pair of sts on rd 4, also unto 66 sts; larger ndls throughout ankle and cuff.

You can probably work out the ankle pattern expansions yourselves by eye, having gotten this far with the Quilted Lattice stitch-pattern, but you can contact me via the Comments section if you need further assistance on this.


I do not have numbers specifically for wider feet.   Perhaps either the medium or narrow sizes, worked at a larger gauge and/or in a thicker yarn, would work for you.  Or, if you feel more confident, add more stitches in the toe and add more reps to the Quilted Lattice pattern on the instep; just make sure you have a multiple of 6 stitches by the time your pattern joins up at the ankle-back.


Customizing for higher insteps may be accomplished by adding more stitches at mid-foot and decreasing them (or not, if you also want a wider ankle) at ankle-back.  Just make sure you have a multiple of 6 sts before the pattern joins up at center-back.


I will post modifications for narrowing the ankle portion on the medium-width sock after all the official competitors have passed that point in their race.


More spring images.

Those aspen buds I posted last week have been growing.  aspen baby leaves

But we also have some “volunteers” coming up in undesireable places.  patio aspen

I think I’ve finished my last resubmission knitting!  More later.


3 Responses to “Narrow Dimpled Diamonds — Part 1”

  1. Thank you…I loved the design! Fascinated by the way those purls & strings made the scallop. Had to read it 3 times and then just trust the pattern and start knitting…so surprised when that first one rolled into shape!!

  2. mtmom said

    So glad you liked it, Laurie! And congratulations on finishing Round 5.

  3. […] For a narrower foot overall, see previous post from 5/13. […]

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