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“Dimpled Diamonds” Errata and Level 2: Resubmit #7

Posted by mtmom on May 12, 2009

Firstly, for participants in Sock Madness 3 who received my Dimpled Diamonds sock pattern today, Tuesday, 12 March 2009:

Errata found so far:
Toe, Round 2, the bracketed instructions should read:  “k1, kfb, k to last 3 sts on ndl, kfb, k2“.
Foot, Rd 9 should end with “k4” instead of “k5”, to make 5 knit sts altogether.
Ankle, Rd 3, the marker should go after stitch #19, and the last plain round before the final expansion is Rd 28, not Rd 29.

—————————————  edited to add most up-to-date corrections. ————————————–

Secondly, for those following my work on Level 2 of TKGA’s Mast Handknitter program:

I’ve also finished another swatch to resubmit.

Here’s the original Swatch #14 – Cable #1, “Wave Cable”.

Swatch #14 - original

Swatch #14 - original

It’s main flaw is, perhaps, immediately apparent.   Although, strictly speaking, these cables do have “3 reverse stockinette sts or 3 garter sts on each side”. . .  this is not exactly what the committee had in mind when they wrote the directions.  🙂

Evaluator’s notes:  “The instructions were not followed correctly for this swatch.  …  Eliminate the rib in the center.  This swatch should resemble the appearance of [your] swatch #15 with the two cables and only 3 stitches in between.  …  The seed stitch at the bottom is less than 1″ and seed stitch border should be worked with better tension.”

Swatch #14b -- for resubmission

Swatch #14b -- for resubmission

Seed stitch in Cascade 220 certainly does loosen up when wet!  But I’m hoping this swatch’s borders will pass muster.  I didn’t attempt to straighten the edges fully, but let them flare; judge said of Swatch #16 that the ” flare in the borders as been successfully managed,” so I’m not so worried that the un-compensated borders be flare-less.  Would you agree?

She has liked my cable work overall, writing, ” The cables are nicely made with good tension on the knit to purl transition at the edges,” and “This is a very nice cable with good tension and good blocking.”  All my cable *patterns*, however, need to be rewritten to be more brief, terse, and clear, with standard terminology, layout, and notation.  Perhaps this would be a good time to mention that I specifically *asked* for extra vigilance in checking and critiquing my pattern-writing.  [Notice, from the first part of this post, that others are reading my pattern-writing, so constructive criticism can be put to good and immediate use!]


2 Responses to ““Dimpled Diamonds” Errata and Level 2: Resubmit #7”

  1. ekgheiy said

    I’m so far away from being a master knitter, so I wouldn’t know about the flare. But …*damn* … 14b is one good-looking swatch!! The cabling is gorgeous!

    I once thought about going through the TKGA programs, but it takes me several weeks, nay – months, just to finish a pair of socks these days.

    You are one disciplined knitter!! Keep it up 🙂

  2. MK2008 said

    Flare should be fine on swatch #14b.

    In fact, I did what you did, block to exaggerate the flare so that swatch #16 showed that I had indeed managed the flare.

    (Hmm, I’d always wondered about that 3 st thing. Now I know for sure!)

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