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Level 2: Lace Rewrites

Posted by mtmom on May 7, 2009

All my lace swatches (#11 – 13) were accepted (hurray!!!), but I must resubmit the patterns.  My evaluator had these things to say:

11 – “This is a nicely done lace swatch.  It is blocked well.  The pattern is difficult to follow and needs to be simplified. … Refer to Arenda Holladay’s articles for more guidance on pattern format.”

Swatch 12

Swatch #12

12 – “The swatch is nicely knit and blocking is done well.  The seed stitch border has some loose stitches and needs a more firm tension.  The top border is short of 1″.  The pattern has the same issues as noted above.  . . .”

Swatch #13

Swatch #13

13 – “This swatch is nicely worked with good tension and is nicely blocked.  The bind off edge has a large loop at the end.  Top and bottom borders are less than 1″.  Same pattern issues as noted previously. …”

I was pretty sure I had read the Holladay Cast On articles, but I must have been thinking, “yeah, yeah, uhuh, got it,” and then gone on to write in my own style, just making sure “it’s all in there.”  When I went to rewrite this week, having her specs right next to the document on my Desktop and referring back and forth, the process was SO easy.  I do think the rewrites are clearer and more concise.  I tend to hold my reader’s hand and lead them through a process, rather than put down bare bones, but this latter is apparently more what’s sought in this case.  It’s a good thing if I can switch effectively between styles, according to audience.


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