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Level 2: Resubmits #4 and #5

Posted by mtmom on May 4, 2009

Two swatches grouped together today:  Swatch #8 and Swatch #9, both dealing with twisted decreases and both having similar problems.

Swatch #8

Swatch #8, original condition

Swatch #8, original condition

Evaluator’s comments:  “The decreases are done correctly.  Tails need to be trimmed.  The bind off has a loose stitch at the end.  Blocking is uneven.  The left edge of the swatch is longer than the right edge.”

Swatch #8, bind off corner

Swatch #8, bind off corner

I must agree about the bind off!

The unevenness of the edges is not so apparent in the pre-submission photo above, but was more pronounced when the package came back to me.  How did that happen?!  Anyway. . . .  I’ve reworked the last couple of bind-off stitches, re-wove and trimmed the tail, and am reblocking the swatch, taking GREAT care about squareness.

Corrected Swatch #8

Corrected Swatch #8


Swatch #9

Original condition Swatch 39

Original condition Swatch #9

Evaluator’s notes:  “The decreases are correctly placed.  One decrease is stretched.  Note the thread marker.  Same comments as above regarding bind off and blocking.”

Decreases in Swatch #9

Decreases in Swatch #9

Here are the first 3 decreases along the left edge.  The bottom one was marked as being “stretched”.

I spot-wet the area and twiddled the dec-stitches and their neighbors.  Having reworked the final bind-off stitches and re-tucking the end, I’m now reblocking the swatch with wires and pins, spritzing and being oh-so-careful about even edges.

Reblocking Swatch #9

Reblocking Swatch #9

Do your fresh eyes see anything more I should do on these?  Comments so far have been friendly, constructive, and encouraging; I really appreciate your discussion!


2 Responses to “Level 2: Resubmits #4 and #5”

  1. Leslie said

    Looks good from here.

  2. MK2008 said

    I agree. Looks good from here.

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