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Level 2: Resubmit #3

Posted by mtmom on May 3, 2009

More on my resubmissions for the Master Hand Knitter program Level 2.

The third swatch I’ve been asked to resubmit is Swatch #7, wherein I seamed 2 swatches having stair-step bind-offs, as in a sweater shoulder-top join.

Swatch #7 – Stair-step Seam

Original Swatch #7

Original Swatch #7

Evaluator’s notes:  “The instructions for this swatch are well written.  The problem is at the end of the seam.  The end is stretched so that the seam extends beyond the edge of the swatch.  This could be [caused by] a problem with the bind off or [by] the tail weave.”

Reblocked Swatch #7

Reblocked Swatch #7

At this point, I’ve just spot-wet and reblocked the offending area, smooshing and tucking the end down, vs stretching it out flat as before.  I’ve also sought to unroll the edge stitches, forming a better line for the corner to align with.

The white tails were already woven into white fabric, no tails were woven into the seam, so tail bulk can’t be the problem.  Neither do the final bind-off stiches look overlarge – well, maybe a bit on the left piece, but not so much that I think redoing would improve it significantly.  Perhaps blocking is the main problem and re-blocking a sufficient solution.

What do you think?  Is more radical intervention called for?  Does this blocking job look good enough, or might I do well to tease and cajole it a bit more?

One Response to “Level 2: Resubmit #3”

  1. MK2008 said

    Many times all that’s needed is a good blocking to eliminate stretch. Perhaps the BO edges were a concern to the evaluator because of the previous swatch where that last stitch protruded.

    I think the re-blocking looks good, especially since the evaluator was happy with the seam.

    Smooshing and tucking are good, as long as the edge doesn’t roll under.

    You might try blocking right-side down at some point. It’s much easier to get those rolling stockinette edges to flatten out when they’re face down.

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