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Level 2: Resubmit #2

Posted by mtmom on May 1, 2009

Swatch #5:  Double Rib

Evaluator’s notes:  “The seaming on this swatch is good and the rib pattern is maintained well.  Again, the selvedges on the ribbing are loose and uneven.  Tails cause bulky seams and edges.  Tails need to be trimmed.  The swatch is short of 4″.”

After (green) . . . . . and. . . . . .Before (white)

After (green) . . . . . and. . . . . .Before (white)

I reknit this swatch from scratch, with another color of Cascade 220.   Seam is between 2 central knit stitches.

I’m still struggling with the edges; these are as snug as I’ve been able to manage.  I twiddle the last/first 2 stitches to get rid of the big/little/big effect, but the edge-sts themselves remain a bit loose-looking.  It comes from the row’s accumulated slack not translating up from the last st to the next row’s first st.  Knowing this, I try to stretch all the stitches less, as I go along the row, plus pulling the 2nd-knit-to-1st-purl transition extra snug, but still. . . .

I worked a bit past 4″, to make sure of enough height even after “settling”.

The green ends I wove in within the ribbing instead of into the seam, and did not turn and work any tail back through itself.  I cut all tails quite short.

The top outer corners are final bind-off stitches, and protrude a bit even after using the evaluator’s tip of working last st together with the edge st below, as recommended by Nancie Wiseman in her wonderful Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques.  At least they’re not loose or sloppy.  I put them on the outside edges to avoid having too many tails along the seam — opposite plan from last time.

Perhaps I should try blocking *wires* for the most straight edges?  These were both blocked with pins (lots of pins!).  swatch 5 pinned out

What do y’all think?  Leslie?  Suzanne?  Rox?  Debbie?


6 Responses to “Level 2: Resubmit #2”

  1. Nancy said

    Green appears much improved! Just wondering…are you ‘duplicate stitching’ your tails at all and when you say “cut” are the ends sharp? Mine come through regardless if cut rather than trimmed in a wispy fashion. (Hope that’s clear!)

  2. Mt. Mom said

    Hi, Nancy.
    No, not duplicate stitching with the ribbing. I’m going up along one side of a rib on the WS, a la Sally Melville in The Purl Stitch. She (and I, usually) also takes the tail back down to pierce itself, but this adds thickness, which my evaluator has poo-pooed, so I’m not doing that this time.
    I’m cutting the ends straight across, not wispy.

  3. MK2008 said

    I think your swatch look good. I don’t get to judge though. 🙂

    I agree that the selvedges of the green swatch look much better. Do you (would you) normally knit with Cascade 220? I found I had much better results up thru Level II with a more tightly twisted yarn. … It wasn’t until Level III that my selvedges evened out in Cascade.

    Your seam is invisible from here. Good idea with the tails. I ran my tails up as you did in this swatch, splitting stitches occasionally to help anchor them. I cut the ends flush with the work after stretching the swatch. In real life I leave them a little longer and trim after the first wash.

    Some of my swatches shrank after they came off the blocking board, usually the ones done in Cascade 220. By the time I was ready to put them in the binder, they were too short.

    I blocked some swatches longer than 4″ so that when they relaxed they settled at 4″. I also sometimes worked 2 extra rows, then blocked to 4″. Knitting the extra rows worked better for me.

    I thought about blocking with wires, but I ended up using pins, lots of pins. I used about the same amount on the sides as you did, but I had a lot more on the top and bottom of the swatch, carefully placing a pin in the very corners and or pulling the rest of the column out in line with the protuding stitch.

    Good job!

  4. Jean said

    The green sample looks crisp, with clean edges (at least to me). I think you did a great job. Wish I had advice to give, but I am less experienced, and do learn from your blog.

  5. MK2008 said

    Just another thought about the protruding stitches on the BO.

    You could K2tog your 1st two stitches, BO across to the last 2 sts, K2tog and BO the resulting st.

    The K2togs help to pull things inward toward the swatch instead of blooping outward.

  6. mtmom said

    Some really good ideas here, MK2008. Thanks!

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