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Level 2: Resubmit #1

Posted by mtmom on April 27, 2009

First swatch to resubmit:  Swatch #4 — Single Rib

Evaluator’s notes:  selvedges are loose and uneven, seam should be tightened to pull more firmly, tails need to be trimmed, tail weaves are too bulky woven down the seam, cast on and bind off are niely done.

Original Submission

Original Submission

I had done and redone this particular swatch several times, and had another one saved that I think may meet the requirements. . . with a few changes.  The edges looked more even to begin with, and I’ve now tightened the seam considerably and redone the tail-weaving to be less bulky. Reblocking for good measure.

Resubmission Swatch 4

Resubmission Swatch 4

Look better now?  Level 2 standards are very high, but I’ve set myself to achieve this level of mastery of my craft.

Next:  Swatch 5 — Double Rib

3 Responses to “Level 2: Resubmit #1”

  1. Jean said

    Way to go! I’m sure you will have those swatches done in no time. You are quite a determined person so I have no doubt. Congrats on the ones that did pass, quite an accomplishment.

  2. Leslie said

    Mt Mom,
    When you weave the tail into a seam, go back an forth through the seam, see if that helps

  3. Leslie said

    If they don’t want you to go back and forth, I’m surprised because this method to me is the least bulky.

    But if you can’t… you could use a different yarn for the seams that is less bulky than the the yarn for the swatch. I used lambs pride for swatches and cascade 220 for the seams. Also you could try a more pastel color for the seam and it might make it “appear” to blend better.

    Just some ideas.

    And yes, I think it’s okay to work a swatch their way and then go back to your own for your own knitting. It is your knitting after all. Their purpose is to teach you something you may not be aware of and if you like it better great, if not that’s okay too. Knowledge never hurts.

    Go Deborah!

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