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Level 2 . . . where are you?

Posted by mtmom on April 16, 2009

(Actually, I’m too young to remember “Car 52”; are you?)

It’s been 8 weeks since I mailed off my Master Hand Knitter work for Level 2.   At first, all was fine, but now the waiting has begun to get to me.  I’ve sent an e-mail to TKGA (The Knitting Guild Association), enquiring.  I hope they can assure me that it’s in the process of evaluation, and not just lost.

Not like I don’t have any knitting to do!

I’m about halfway through with a felted bag in Wisdom Yarns’ long-color-change wool single called “Poems”.   I planned it to be a “hobo bag” in shape (slouchy).  One face I knit from the center outwards and felted. 

The other face I knit from side to side using short-rows. 

See the size difference. 

The second was bigger even than the pre-felted first face, but vigorous hand-felting can make big changes.

(It can also remove skin from knuckles!) 

After felting, the 2 faces are the same size, but the tops have different angles. 

Blocking has mostly rectified this. 

Next, I plan to knit a bottom/sides/handle as a long flat strip with its CO and BO ends joined, felt that, and then join all pieces.  I decided to felt the individual pieces, rather than a joined-together bag, for ease of felting; I feel more in control of the process this way and can make changes at each stage.

One Response to “Level 2 . . . where are you?”

  1. Jean said

    Such dedication and sacrifice (indicated by your knuckle) for the sake of producing something a bag that I’m sure will last for years and be alot of fun to tote about. You know a watched kettle never boils (LOL), just display the patience and endurance equal to that of when you are felting. Take Care.

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