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Spring Springing and Wool Fulling

Posted by mtmom on March 19, 2009

(Say that out loud — it’s more satisfying that way.) 🙂
Our temperatures still drop below freezing at night, but the days definitely feel like spring.  Allergies are flaring.  Bulbs are popping up. . .
. . . in the new plot



and an iris,

I think)





. . . and in the old




(which I thought

I had cleared out

— evidently not).





Yesterday, I took my completed entrelac swatch,
which measured 7 1/4″ wide x 7 1/2″ tall,
and some soapy water,
combined and scrubbed.
My shoulders got tired.
Right away, my water turned pink.
(I think the Poems purple, in particular, leached out.)
But I persevered
(with a little “help”),
and ended up with this
now 6″ square.

(That’s the same

floor square,

for comparison.)


I’ll stretch those corners out, nice and square, while it’s still wet.


That was fun!
More fodder for project-ideas.

I’ll leave you with this image of the glorious view from my own front yard!

(Thank you, Lord, for beauty and eyes/heart to see it!)

5 Responses to “Spring Springing and Wool Fulling”

  1. jewlbal3 said

    What a lovely view from your home — God is good!

  2. Jean said

    It’s so interesting to see the stuff you come up with. Sharing the felting process was entertaining too, (especially your helpful kitty). Flagstaff would be a an ideal place for me, as it looks like it gets cold enough to wear all that gorgeous knitting (do you have to shovel alot of snow from your driveway or does it usually just melt away during the daytime hours?)

  3. mtmom said

    Yes, we do lots of shoveling here in Flagstaff. In autumn and spring, the snow melts faster, but it does often snow even on Graduation Day in June. The cold is mostly due to our elevation: just over 7000 ft; that’s higher than Denver!

  4. Kim said

    Mt.Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can NOT thank you enough for the YouTube videos you did of Short Row Heels w/YO. For over a YEAR…..(sadly, yes) I have been trying to make toe-up shortrow heels with wraps. Knit, frog, knit, frog, knit, swear, frog, repeat. Did your 3 videos…..Houston, WE HAVE A HEELS!!!!!!!!!

    Really, I bow at your feet. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And again, thank you.

    I’ve been driving thru Flag on the way to the Hopi Reservation, back and forth, back and forth, for the past few months. I’ve been up for a few dances. Wow. Very blessed to have Hopi friends and have been able to witness the Kachinas coming down from ‘Thunder Mountain’ for the coming summer. Some of the ‘plaza’ dances are open to outside visitors in Hopi Land. You and your family should go to one or two this summer.

    The Flagstaff Musemum wil have a Hopi Festival soon. You should try to go to that too!!! I’m hoping to be there!

    • mtmom said

      Congratulations on your success, Kim!

      I’m *so* glad to hear you benefited from the videos my son and I made. Your thanks are deeply appreciated; very encouraging. But, as a Christian, I can’t really accept the bowing, eventhough you mean it nicely — as I’m not Deity, nor even Royalty — just a knitter, like you, and a teacher who’s glad to be of service. OK?

      Good Knitting to you!

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