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One Hat, One Sock

Posted by mtmom on March 8, 2009

Two FO’s this week:

(1)  The top-down cap in Berrocco “Geode”, color #3656: 





loves it!


Neat stuff

on the top, too,

if I may say so myself.

(My own design!) 

And (2)  Purl-sided sock — a singelton so far — for DD:The part I was so eager to try?

. . . the “afterthought leg”, derived from Cat Bordhi’s “Houdini Socks” pattern in Fall 2008 issue of Twist Collective.  Where she snipped, I used the thumb trick. 

Then, I

pick up

2 rows of


and remove

the waste


And look what you use those stitches for:  Clever, eh?!

I planned to put a cable in the purl-panel, and turned to Elsebeth Lavold’s book Viking Patterns for Knitting.  See what it turned into: 


Nice for

a little


I think.


Keeps turning out too long, but I took some rounds out after finishing.


Still no news on my Master Knitter materials.   I don’t really expect to hear for another several weeks.

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