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I was nearing the toe, when. . . .

Posted by mtmom on January 25, 2009

. . . I spotted a real problem with my LAST project for Level 2 of Master Knitter, the Argyle sock.  I realized that both of the published patterns I was using as guides had the same omission:  no stitches added for seaming.

I had finishED the intarsia section, joinED the back for the heel, completED the heel, workED the sole, seamED the instep to the sole, began working in the round, and was beginning to have visions of Kitchener sugarplums.  I looked at my foot-tube and saw. . . NO CORNERS ON MY INSTEP DIAMOND.  (I *should* have taken a photo — Bad Blogger!)

I had realized the cuffs had this problem, because 1 of the 2 patterns *did* include an extra stitch on one side in the cuff section, whereas the other pattern did not.  But neither one of them had extra stitches in the instep portion, and I missed it.  Didn’t snap.  So, when I seamed the top the bottom of the foot, the edge stiches of each got eaten up in the seam.  Since the diamond came to the edge, it lost it’s corners!

I ripped back fully one-third of my work.  Sigh!

I know I need to add seaming-selvedge(s), but what’s the *best* way to achieve this?  And what about the glitch in the fabric where the instep seam starts?  Now, I’m going to swatch to figure out these related questions , so that the beginning of the sewing-up is smoothest in appearance, and the diamond has points left after the seam is sewn.  Here is the swatch I’ve concocted:

You see, I’ve gotten pretty good at seaming parts that are separate — a major theme in Level 2.  It’s the spot where the fabric goes from being together to being separate to being together again that I didn’t like my results.  Hence the “buttonholes” — hope my idea bears fruit.  First hole has no extra stitches, 2nd has one extra on left side, 3rd has 2 extra, one on each side.  I plan to seam up each hole.  We shall see, eh?

Another knitting frustration:

I finished the Maltese Fisherman’s hat.

A nice pattern from Schoolhouse Press.  But even with my hair at its absolute fluffiest (just after shampooing), the hat is too big.Not sure at this point whether to try semi-felting it, to make it smaller, or frogging it and recondidioning and reusing the yarn to make a different hat.

Meanwhile, this past Tuesday I began planning in earnest for a Fair Isle sweater!  Definitely a LONG-term project!


One Response to “I was nearing the toe, when. . . .”

  1. Jean said

    Your sock question is way too complex for me, if the hat were a project that I knitted I would have given it to someone that I thought it would fit – or donate it to a homelss shelter, in times that are this hard on people it would be something that you could feel good about as it would bring warmth to someone who really needs it. (Just a suggestion though). You may want to see if Pat from Pat’s knitting and quilting or Stitches of Violet (she had a recent post on sock construction). They are both experienced sock knitters. Thank you for visiting my blog!

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