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Christmas Knitting and Cetera

Posted by mtmom on December 14, 2008

What is your “Christmas knitting”?

For me, it’s this cap for my niece in San Antonio: 

I keep hoping I’ve made it to the start of decreases, but that point still eludes me.   The decision about how deep to make a cap always fills me with uncertainty, eventhough I make more caps than anything else!

The situation:  I want her to turn up the brim now, and then turn it down when she’s bigger; the ribs are stretchy enough to fit a broad range of sizes.  The one I made for DD is 4 3/4″ from cast-on to first-decrease, but she (1 year older than niece) doesn’t turn up the brim, so my current figuring is to make it about 4 1/2″ from where the ribbing changes.

What do you think?

Master Knitter has been my highest non-gift priority, and here’s the current state of the mittens (with kitty for scale)  ;-]  Thumbless and unblocked, but looking pretty good.

Several inches of snow blanket our ground this evening.  The juncos always come out in force when a storm is brewing, and you can see their tracks in this photo of my most recent charity-cap.  The yarn is Paton’s “Pooch”, a bulky wool-blend boucle.  Nice results, but a bit hard to work with, especially if you need to see the individual stitches.  This will be the to-be-turned-up brim.  I plan the rest of the cap to be plain Aran-acrylic stockinette, so I increased 50% in the first round, from 48 to 72 stitches.  Good deal — I’ve learned about a new-to-me yarn, and a local school-child will have a warmer winter!


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