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Break from Buttonholes

Posted by mtmom on November 23, 2008

Let’s do a little catching up here at BeautifulKnitting.

My hands started hurting this past week — probably from all the “precision knitting” I’d been doing for the Master Handknitter program — lots of seed stitch and ribbing and buttonholes!  So I’ve had to take a break, limiting myself to “easy-listening” sorts of knitting projects, until the soft tissues settle down.  But that also made me realise I hadn’t posted here about all those swatches. . . .

Swatch 17

Swatch 17

Swatch 18

Swatch 18

Swatch 19

Swatch 19

Swatch 20

Swatch 20

If I decide I’m completely satisfied with these, I’ll be able to say I’m done with buttonhole swatches. . . at least for now.  🙂

Then there was picking up stitches along a curving neckline:

Swatch 21

Swatch 21

I did this one twice, and may do it yet again.  Any other Master’s candidates (or committee members) care to comment on this swatch and its ribbing?

In non-Master’s -related knitting. . . .

I’ve completed 2 more caps: one a “Kliban cap”, designed by Meg Swansen and available on Schoolhouse Press‘s $1 one-sheet “Spun Out #8:  Five Wooly Caps”, and the other my top-down version of Cathy-Cate’s “Grow-with-Me Baby Hat” in purple Classic Alpaca DK [that’s a free pattern, y’all], posing unstretched and stretched, on each end of a yarn cone.

And I’ve cast on for a new one, this one I hope to give to my blue-loving niece for Christmas.  It’s my own design, based on a Zig Zag rib pattern that Arenda Holladay used in a sock pattern for Cast On magazine last year — basically a travelling 2×2 rib. 

The yarn is DreamBaby DK — microfiber and nylon — very smooth, but a bit squeeky [squeaky?].  Not so bad that I don’t want to finish the cap (that’s why I frogged the Fiery Eyelash scarf), but I probably won’t go out of my way to use this yarn again.  Knit ‘n’ learn!

2 Responses to “Break from Buttonholes”

  1. Jean said

    The blue for your niece’s cap is really pretty, my niece loves the color blue as well. I am not a master knitter by any means, so I hope you won’t mind the comment on your curved neck, your picked up stitches are so smooth, going into the rib beautifully. I would think that would be difficult to accomplish especially using contrasting yarns as you have. Each stich appears so uniform. My favorite buttonhole has to be your swatch #20, its very polished looking.

  2. Maria said

    I, too, like your Swatch #20 for the buttonholes. I believe that it works with every thickness of yarn…unless you want a bigger button.
    Your Master Knitting is looking real good.

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