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Spending Wisely

Posted by mtmom on November 20, 2008

I very much enjoyed David Reidy’s essay in the middle of his podcast this past week.  Please go to his site and download the (approx. half-hour) episode and listen to it yourself.  About crafting in “tough economic times”.

Sticks and String,   episode 82: “So Much More”

The show is also available through iTunes, if you search for “Sticks & String podcast” (note that “string” is singular).

I have long maintained that Spending Wisely does not merely mean Spending Less.  It has to do with Where you Spend your money, whose work you support with your dollars (or pounds or yen or euros or whatever).  For instance, I’ll spend a bit more to buy a SchoolhousePress book, or another title that I’m buying *because* they recommended it, directly from Schoolhouse Press, rather than saving a few dollars by buying from Amazon.  Not that Amazon is bad — I truly appreciate the service they provide — but I especially want to support Meg Swansen and her company.  I want them to still be in business when all the panic is over.  As David Reidy said, “It’s an investment in my knitting future.”

Think on it:  given finite knitting dollars, where are the *best* places to spend them?


One Response to “Spending Wisely”

  1. Jean said

    I do agree, times are getting harder and we must spend our money wisely. I myself try to support individuals (rather than huge companies) and their crafts by purchasing my yarn from them or my local yarn store (the larger craft stores lost their appeal for me for the most part, and I only go when necessary). I have even given up buying my daily cup of coffee and breakfast and opted for making my coffee at work and having a bowl of cereal, then I can use the money to buy yarn and other supplies without feeling guilty. You made an excellent point in your post, to support those whose work we value.

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