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Color Decision

Posted by mtmom on November 12, 2008

Newest color swatch for the Master Knitter level 2 mitten project:

Lighter values– good.

CC continuity — not so good.  (The green and orange don’t look like continuations of the same lines as much as I would like ideally.  But, they look good overall.)

CC contrast with MC — better.  (Pattern doesn’t get lost in background.)

Gauge — good.  Using 5’s for stockinette, but 6’s for the color-work part, because stranded stitches are *closer to square* in their shape than plain stockinette stitches are.  The 22 sts between the edge sts are measuring the desired 4″, to conform to the supplied pattern.

Recipient preference — good.  (DD likes these colors.)

So, I think we have a winner!

But, for now, back to the buttonholes; seed st tonight.  I want to finish this section of the Master’s swatches, including the associated questions to answer, before I move to the next project or the report/reviews.  At least . . . that’ the current plan.  😉

With all the gift-knitting ideas I have floating around, I’m trying to keep start-itis in check!

One Response to “Color Decision”

  1. Jean said

    I would have never have thought to put those colors together, but it works well, looks very Austrian. I especially appreciated the information on the use of the different needle sizes, I love it when I can enjoy reading a blog and learning at the same time.

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