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One new, One steady, One old.

Posted by mtmom on October 12, 2008

During the week, I work on my Sock Madness socks and on the vest for my Master Knitter level 2, and sometimes other items, but this weekend, these are the three projects that got my attention.


From my “charitable” queue:  a baby hat in yummy-soft DK “Classic Alpaca”. 


The Noro yarn has segued from blue to aqua, and the pattern is revealing itself.

The next milestone for this will be when I introduce the interlocking rank of color-reversed St. John’s Cross lozenges — about 15 more rounds.


For fun, I pulled this out of my UFO stack from summer 2007.   Check out the “yellow” (1st photo) and “blue” (2nd photo) sides of my sampler of reversible 2-color patterns.  The 3 stitches I’ve tried so far are (from bottom to top) “two-color garter stitch”, “cross-rib stripes”, and “roll-over reversible”.  See how the two sides are different, but neither is “wrong”?


[from Jane Neighbors’ book, Reversible Two-Color Knitting]

One Response to “One new, One steady, One old.”

  1. Jean said

    Lucky baby, the alpaca hat will be so soft and warm, the color quite cheerful.

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