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It’s Beginning. . .

Posted by mtmom on August 24, 2008

Two things, actually.

First:  I looked out my window, and guess what I saw along the edges of the leaves on one (only one, so far) of our aspen trees. 

And amongst the sumac leaves. . . 



September and autumn approach!



The other thing that’s beginning:

Designing for Sock Madness 3!  (More stealth knitting.)

I *can* show you some balling of tentative yarn, with the “help” of my feline companion, Chloe. 

She has actually been showing much more restraint when it comes to the swift.  Of course, once the yarn is balled up — if you look away — she swipes it!

When I learned that the deadline for SockMadness pattern submissions was nearer than I’d realized, I put Lord Scott’s kilt hose on hold and dove in to my stash of ideas and sock yarns.  Currently the “front burner” idea involves . . . 




— wait for it  —






. . . BEADS!

But, of course, I can’t show you much in the way of photos.  [sigh]

Here is how far I’d gotten on Lord Scott’s socks, when he tried them on and I saw where I need to make alterations (after I finish the SM3 design). 

Need to taper the toe and widen the instep.  Yep, that means ripping — from both ends!  But he likes them, and that’s good news.  Haven’t made a final decision on the cuff pattern yet.

My own (prototype) hose are just into the calf-shaping. 

I’m increasing on either side of a central k3 rib, that itself arose from a k1.  We shall see!

If I like it, I may shape more pairs similarly, but I’ll probably shape Scott’s in a more “tradtitional” way with no “spacer” between increases.  Not sure yet.  That’s why I’m working these first — to learn and try.

3 Responses to “It’s Beginning. . .”

  1. Bea said

    The kilt socks are looking good. Can’t wait to see what you design for sock madness 3. I wonder if I will manage to get out of round 1 next year.

  2. Jean said

    You must be a master sock knitter! I am enjoying my sock knitting (to resume after I finish the Persephone scarf). I hope to design someday once I have a better understanding of the process. The sock I put on hold is the Pomatomus sock, it will definately be next though. I just purchased Favorite Socks and I love the patterns in this book, now I will have several projects for the future. I am looking forward to your next post.

  3. Almerry said

    Just found your blog. I have been enjoying it. You are a great knitter.

    Thought you might like to know about the Arizona Make It With Wool competition. There is a knit and also a crochet category. Check it out at!

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