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More to Scotland than Pipers?!

Posted by mtmom on August 10, 2008

I do realize that there’s more to Scotland-linked knitting than pipers’ hose.  (I know, I know — hush, you in the back there!)  And I do have more knitting going on, eventhough I have been intensely concentrating on Lord Scott’s socks for the last 2 weeks or so — more on that later in this post.

Half-way between Scotland and Norway is the group of islands called Shetland or the Shetlands.  One of my favorite knitting styles finds its home on one of these North Sea isles:  Fair Isle.  Officially part of Scotland these days, it has also sometimes “belonged” to Norway, and its culture reflects aspects of both “parent” nations.  The local language includes words from both, says Fiona Ritchie of NPR’s “Thistle and Shamrock“.  Nordic influence can also be found in the geometric shapes common to both knitting traditions.  But while the knitters of Norway and Sweden, the Selbu region in particular, favor using only 2 colors in a garment or mitten,  the crafters of Fair Isle use many many colors in each project– although, only 2 at one time.

Here’s the progress I’ve made on my Fair Isle sampler scarf, having completed the first major motif and one peerie band from Betts Lampers’ “Autumn Color Fair Isle” cardigan pattern (the sourcebook for this and many other delightful patterns, Sweaters from Camp, is, sadly, going out of print.  But you can find other wonderful books with charts and/or patterns at Schoolhouse Press — NAYY).

photo 1 

photo 2 


Well, I can’t write a post today without bringing you all up to date on Lord Scott’s kilt hose!  I’ve turned the heel on foot #1 and commenced the ankle pattern, slowly adding in ribs around the sides and back, as I did in my Godmother’s Socks.  (G’sSox pattern available on Ravelry as a PDF download.) 

Lord Scotts hose

Lord Scott's hose

(I think I’ll end up redoing the toe.  We’ll see after he tries it on next weekend — Lord willing!)

And, I’ve bought yarn for Robert Watt’s hose.  These are Satakieli’s 3 greens — nice worsted-spun, sock-weight, wool yarn from Finland.  Robert has asked for a near match to his current favorite hose, so I’m going with the far-right yellow-green.  A pretty good match, don’t you think? 


One Response to “More to Scotland than Pipers?!”

  1. Jean said

    I admire the Fair Isle scarf that you are making, will it be lined or will the back of the scarf look the same as the front? As far as your color choice for the green hose it does appear (at least from the photos on your blog) that the far right green is the closest. I can hardly wait to see the completed Lord Scott’s hose, they look very warm (not exactly required in Southern California).

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