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Big Day nears for MtMom and SM2

Posted by mtmom on May 8, 2008

Round 6 of SockMadness 2 starts tomorrow and the pattern will be MINE!  The months of stealth will soon be over.  I’ve planned out some other sizes and saved them in a post for tomorrow.  And there will be photos too — ah, at long last!  For now (and for the next few days) I’m keeping my eye on the SockMadness discussion boards on flickr and Ravelry in case knitters have questions/comments/problems/praises.  (Gee, I hope there are some praises!)  Coordinators Hillary and Carole have been encouraging:  “Then, next Friday we’ll release pattern 6 and I’m sure that you’ll love it.  Really!  It’s fab!” (April 29, 2008 blog post).  [Isn’t that nice?!]

Teen-genius has been working on the MountainMom Designs website, so that I can make some kits of my multi-color hat patterns available for sale, but he hasn’t found a way to limit the orders to inventory-on-hand (I only have enough of some of the yarns for 2 Maritime and 6 Dreamsicle kits — chemists call such things “limiting reagents”).  I wouldn’t want anyone to pay for a kit than I can’t provide.  Etsy might be the way to go here.  Your experiences?

Check the Comments on my last post and the one before for some movie trivia action — hurray!

3 Responses to “Big Day nears for MtMom and SM2”

  1. Bea said

    Oh I’m so excited to see your pattern!! I’m not sure about how to limit to inventory in stock on your own website. Etsy does it for you. I know there are some other “check-out” systems you can use with your website that can do that, but I’m not sure what they are.

  2. Angeluna said

    Way to go! I was just blogging about whether this next pattern would be yours and came over to link your website and see that indeed it is. Can’t wait!

    Today is Steven’s Transplant Day! Bone marrow transplant this afternoon. He somehow made it this far and now has a chance. Please send blessings his way.

  3. Fran said

    YES.. there will be praises!!! I just got my pattern (WheatFran on Ravelry) and I absolutely LOVE IT… I’m out of the competition but can’t wait to get started. Looks like you put a lot of work into making a clear pattern and for that I thank you – maybe I won’t be cussing through this one LOL

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