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A Bit of Fun

Posted by mtmom on April 23, 2008

I’ve got 2 sick girls at home now.  So, just a short post for just a bit of fun.

This was a fun, quick project:  Northern Lights Bracelet by Ellen Sandlin of EarthFairemood bracelet w instructions

Had a hard time getting a photo to capture it’s charm when worn.  It’s currently my most-frequently-worn piece of jewelry!  The colors change, like the old mood rings used to do — same technology in these beads.  bracelet on wrist

Inspired by Wendy‘s movie meme, here are quotes from 2 movies I’ve wathced in the past 6 months.  Can you guess what movies they’re from, and what the 2 films have in common?  (Hints:  they were made about 8 years apart; one is probably much more well known than the other and has been filmed at least twice before, but the earlier versions do not share the mysterious “common factor”; they are from very different genres; the quotes themselves are not obscure but are repeated throughout each film.)

1) “There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit. . . .”

2) “Never give up; never surrender!”

4 Responses to “A Bit of Fun”

  1. Amanda said

    Oh, I forgot that I was going to guess, thanks for the reminder. I know the second one is from Galaxy Quest. The first one I didn’t know, but based on your latest clue (and some googling), I now know it’s from Sweeney Todd. What they have in common? I don’t know. Perhaps it would help if I’d seen Sweeney Todd…

  2. By Gragthar’s hammer, Amanda, you got the titles!

    Anybody else want to guess at the common factor?

  3. […] the Comments on my last post and the one before for some movie trivia action — […]

  4. Kelly said

    The first one is Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and the second is Galaxy Quest!

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