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Spring, Socks, Stealth, and Sags

Posted by mtmom on March 16, 2008

First signs of spring are popping up here on the mountain:  first signs of daffodils

Those will be daffodils; we also have tulips, but no signs of the crocus yet.  Odd that.

Sock Madness 2 has kicked off with Zombie Socks for round 1.  I am not competing this year, but the excitement is contagious!  If you’re on Ravelry, check out the group at .

Stealth-knitting is proceeding apace.  Here I am starting a tricky part in my (secret) Sock Madness pattern demonstration sock.  Teen-genius son has been taking video footage of this demo, with plans to post some minutes to YouTube for competitors to view when the pattern is released, probably sometime in April.  I'm not telling yet! Fun, eh?

Chloe was “helping” us with filming recently, but she decided watching herself replayed on the TV screen was more interesting than wrestling a pair of hands with needles and yarn.   Chloe watches herself on TV

So we were able to continue in peace, with her watching the proceedings electronically.

And what about that reference in the title to “sagging”?  Sadly, it’s my knee socks. Sagging knee socks

I apparently have more work to do to “perfect” my knee sock design!  Hopefully, replacing stockinette with ribbing in subsequent pairs will be sufficient.  Both socks measure the same around the calf, but the one with tighter gauge is sagging less.

3 Responses to “Spring, Socks, Stealth, and Sags”

  1. Marsha said

    Sorry to see the sagging! Those knee socks are beautiful–definitely worth working out the sag issues to get these to work. Do you think knitting with elastic reinforcement thread around the top would help?

  2. Bea said

    I love Chloe. She has her priorities in order I think.

    Sorry about the sags. Maybe some elastic??

  3. Melly said

    I am in Flagstaff too and am a new knitter, though I wouldn’t call myself a knitter yet. I am hippochic in Ravelry…

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