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Knee Socks Finished!

Posted by mtmom on March 8, 2008

The knee socks are done! — and they match, too, this time.  top view of knee socks

Ahhh!  crossed knee socks

Now, it’s just the . . . ends to tuck in

. . . um . . . well, you know.

8 Responses to “Knee Socks Finished!”

  1. Bea said

    Cute they look really warm and cozy!

  2. Becca said

    Those came out great! I am impressed with your dedication to getting them just right.

    I love knee socks, they’re so cozy, though I bet it will be getting warm there soon, if it isn’t already.

    I think we still have some cold ahead of us here in NY, though it has gotten warm enough for the the maple sap to start running – which means syrup soon!

  3. DeeDee said

    The socks look great; glad you finally finished them. BTW, who won your blogiversary contest?

  4. The winner was bea! (Sorry not to have said sooner. Chloe drew her name almost 2 weeks ago. We’ve been sick around here, and I’ve dropped alot of balls.)

    Congratulations to bea, and thanks to all my readers who entered! I love seeing your names week after week!

  5. ekgheiy said

    They turned out just lovely! Nice work.

  6. Nanette said

    How cute! I love the colors!

  7. Angeluna said

    Very nice and great color choice. Are you sharpening your needles for Sock Madness 2?

  8. This year, I’m a spectator — until the round when my design goes out!

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