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Knitting vs Knit-Biz

Posted by mtmom on February 22, 2008

I’ve been spending more time documenting my knitting (mostly dealing with my Designer page on Ravelry and the Pattern pages in the sidebar) than I have done actual knitting.  Absolutely NO knitting time yesterday!  (Urk!)  Today, I’m striving for a better balance.

I finished this:  dd models Spectrum hat 

Here’s what the top looks like:  top view of spectrum hat in process 

I even like how the brim turned out:  end-on view of brim, plus cat 
(Notice my “helper”/observer?)

I’m calling it the Spectrum Square-Topped Hat.  This was alot of fun to design and see how it would work out!  The yarn is acrylic, received as a gift/donation/discard.  It came sans-label, but a little research tells me it’s probably Red Heart Kids Yarn in colorway “Crayon”.  I used needles in 3 sizes:  US 7 (body), 6 (ribbing), and 5 (double-knitting portion of tubular bind-off).  The striping is totally dependent on the spacing of the color-changes in the yarn; a different brand would turn out differently.  I wonder if Red Heart would be interested?

My current happy-project is the 8-Trick Pocket Hat, being released in serial/KAL format over at TECHKnitter’s blog.  (Began on Wed., 6 Feb. 2008).  I’m doubling leftover sock yarn with lace-weight on US 5’s.  yarn and beginnings of 8-trick hat 

The first “trick” is an  Easy-peasy reverse stockinette tubular edging (her designation).  tubular edging on 8-trick hat

I want to go do some knitting now! 

Also teach some history and maybe music too. . . .

Coming soon:  re-drawing for book giveaway!


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