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Scottish Deadline Reminder

Posted by mtmom on February 18, 2008

This past week, I got back in touch with my dear, long-lost Pipe Major, Lars SloanLars & 2 other pipers before competition 

[Yes, “my” Pipe Major:  I played in his band in my mid-/late-twenties.  This is me, circa 1987-88, enjoying the Texas Renaissance Festival from a different perspective.] Hamilton Pipers & me at TX Renaissance Festival

Lars is an incredibly skillful piper, and I was not that good a drummer, but what does all this have to do with knitting?

— It reminds me that a knitting deadline is coming up!  I have been hoping that by July I would have made significant progress on my kilt hose knitting.  Several bagpipe teachers will be coming to Flagstaff in mid-July, followed by the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Festival on July 19-20, and then the Highland Ball/Football in Kilts in August.  [NB:  I’m the 3rd adult from the left in the “Clan Flagstaff” photo on that page, along with DS, DH, and one little DD all to my right.]  I’ve promised Lord Scott a pair of customized kilt hose, and I want to have them ready enough to show other kilted gents at the piping school and festival. 

That’s a while off yet, but I have alot of work to do!  I need to:
(1)finish knee socks,
(2)compare socks-that-fit to leg-measurements to see about ease,
(3)construct a cuff sampler to show Lord Scott for his perusal,
(4)knit the actual hose for him, & that by July so that I can…
(5)show hose to other pipers and see if they want some too!

Here’s the current state of the prototype socks:  knee socks as of Dec 2007

I have finished the Spectrum Square-topped hat, but that will have to wait for a later post — I’ve gotta get back to “work”!   TTFN.

Oh, P.S.  Check out the new link in the sidebar Blogroll:  “Live Webcam”.  That links to the camera on top of my next-door-neighbor’s roof and gives you a live picture of the San Francisco Peaks (if it’s daylight).


5 Responses to “Scottish Deadline Reminder”

  1. Bea said

    Those hose are great. Bright and cheerful too.

    Now I must ask Angela about this cryptic uncles thing when I see her tomorrow at knit night…

  2. Angeluna said

    How wonderful that you are still involved at least peripherally with the pipes. I do remember the piper at your wedding. Was that Lars?

    BTW, in your further down posts, it looks like Chloe is quite the little personality. Looks like you got a good one.

  3. mtmom said

    Oh, yes. That was he. Remember how everybody jumped when he started playing?! Here’s a link to a photo (of a photo) of him piping us out of the chapel.

    Oh, and bea. I edited the post after your comment was written so the “uncles” reference is no longer visible to more recent readers.

  4. Angeluna said

    Oh, I do remember well the moment when everyone jumped. And I remember Lars’s unusually blue kilt. And I remember when Uncle Warren (may he rest in peace) whipped his harmonica out of his pocket and joined in and your Mother wanted to KILL him.

  5. mtmom said

    LOL! I can imagine!

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