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The Mystery continues, and so does the Spectrum

Posted by mtmom on February 14, 2008

I have not yet removed the old Pattern pages, but I have today added links on the “Free Patterns — Index” page, accessed from blog’s sidebar.  When you click and view the “Index” page, and then click on the title of one of the patterns found there, a PDF document should pop up in a new window.  Please check out this new function and let me know what you think.  Next, I want to link to these from Ravelry.  Exciting developments here at chez MountainMom Designs! Progress on the Rainbow hat — or Spectrum hatcolors starting to align

I’ve added some more rounds since this photo was taken, but you can start to see the blues and greens coming into vertical/diagonal alignment.  That’s my aim.  I think it’s going to turn out quite nicely!  Maybe afterwards I’ll make one with a slightly different stripe line-up by adding a few more stitches to its circumference.  First have to see how large this one ends up.  Fun!

No guesses on the Mystery Photo?  Here’s another hint:  each piece is approximately 3/4″ square.  And here’s a slightly different angle.  mystery photo, alternate view

Go on, give it a try. . . .  I won’t reveal until at least one person guesses!


3 Responses to “The Mystery continues, and so does the Spectrum”

  1. bea said

    Those look like bits of rubix cube.

  2. They look like pieces of a Rubix cube that has been dis-assembled. ??

  3. You both are right! My son got to where he could solve a mixed-up cube in less than 2 minutes, and then one piece broke loose from the axle and it all came apart. He has been unsuccessful in getting it to *stay* back together.

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