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Mystery bits and Colorful caps

Posted by mtmom on February 11, 2008

A shortish post:

Can you guess what these are?  [Answers in a subsequent post.]  Hint:  has to do with a recent interest of my teen-genius.   mystery bits

I shortened the Dreamsicle hat, but DD still prefers to wear it with the brim turned up.  Here are two sides at once of our youngest daughter trying it on.  2 Cherries trying on hat 

I hope to finalize the written pattern and then change the way I post those on the blog.  If all goes well, you will soon be able to click on a link in the Patterns Page (see sidebar) to download a PDF of the pattern of your choice.

Having finished one hat, and longing for color, I have cast on for another cap with some rainbow mystery yarn given my by Julie McDonald.    square cast-on for cap

This is a novel beginning, sort of like a sock technique I read somewhere. [First guess:  WendyKnits.]  It’s progressing nicely so far.  I hope to show more pictures in days to come, and to write up the pattern if it turns out well.


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