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Snow, Kitten, and Master Knitting.

Posted by mtmom on January 17, 2008

I may have lost my voice, but my fingers still work!  😉

May I show you a little of the lovely snow we got last week?  My ds had been in Iowa, attending/helping/observing the caucuses there, with a group of 20+ homeschool students and parents, and they drove back in weather than eventually turned into this:  snowy front yard  (This mom was more than a little anxious, I’ll tell you.)

He and dh shoveled every few hours for a few days.  So then our front yard looked like this:  snowy front yard later 

As long as I don’t have to drive — or have someone dear to me driving in it — I really enjoy the snow.  Chloe finds it very interesting, but mostly . . .  relaxed kitty . . . she keeps to her usual duties. . .

like laundry inspection.  kitty snooping in dryer  into the dryer

I, OTOH, have been working on stealth-knitting and Master Knitter swatching.  Seams:  swatch 7 

Decreases:  swatch 8 mirrored  swatch 9 twisted  swatch 10 and double.

And now, lace!  swatch 11, lace #1


4 Responses to “Snow, Kitten, and Master Knitting.”

  1. Oh gosh, the laundry pictures could kill you with cuteness. I need to get back on the master knitting train. Also, late congrats on your blogiversary!

  2. emmwlr said

    Your cat photos made my day! Good luck with the Master Knitter certification. Your stuff looks pretty masterly to me.

  3. Jane said

    Your swatches are beautiful…wish mine looked as good. Enjoyed your blog, as a cat person the pictures are priceless. Not really into blogging but decided to check out yours and enjoyed reading and looking at your snow pictures. We don’t get much here in North Carolina. Got about .5 inches Monday which was a holiday here so I didn’t have to go out in it. Today, it’s gone.

  4. Angeluna said

    Wow, that is serious snow. Don’t see much of that in my part of the world. Beautiful. And little Miss Chloe is obviously a heart stealer. She’s gotten so big.

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