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More Oldies, but Goodies

Posted by mtmom on December 30, 2007

I have been working on new stuff. . . , but I’m on a roll with collecting photos of projects from pre-blog days.  Documenting knitting can be a whole separate hobby to the knitting itself!  It has its own joys, to be sure, but without knitting there can be no documentation, so rest assured that I am actually knitting in the background.  Or crocheting, as the case may be.  (That is a hint, btw.)

I have also been updating this blog.  Check out new items in the sidebar:  new Blogroll entries, a separate box for favorite Shopping Links, and a link to a new “Page” where I’m posting original patterns.  The patterns are free, but I ask that my name (Deborah Swift, a.k.a MountainMom) continue to be attached to them.  Let me know if you use one!

On to the archives!  This week, we look at scarves of old.

The first scarf I ever made (2000) I also designed myself.  I interspersed moss stitch among the garter stitch ridges,  One end of red scarf

. . . and then, emboldened, I worked a personalized panel in the center.  Name panel in red scarf

At this point, my teacher asked me why I was still coming to her classes.  😉  We still swap yarn, and I make something for her church Craft Sale each year.

I did also (2002) make a cap to coordinate, in the same unknown red acrylic.  Beginning at the top, I increased in 8 sections and added ribs and cables as each section became wide enough.  The ribbing is, I now know, too loose; I added a few strands of elastic thread on the inside behind the brim.  Red hat

Fast forward a few years (2004?).  I started making tubular “sampler” scarves made up of lots of varied texture and color patterns.  The first I made for myself, in Lamb’s Pride worsted singles — until I ran out of the cream and substituted a burgundy something-else yarn of similar gauge and fiber-content (wool-mohair).  My first sampler scarf

This 8″-wide scarf includes several kinds of ribbing/loop-fringe/braid/texture stitches, as well as color patterns, gleaned from several books:  Kaffe Fassett, Ann Feitelson, Sheila McGregor, Liz Upitis, maybe even some Alice Starmore, Betsy Harrell, or Joyce Williams.  (I did not take notes — sigh.)

Projects of 2005 included both another sampler scarf for DS and a Swedish Dubbelmossa from Meg Swansen‘s pattern, in undyed unspun Icelandic yarn.  Here it is, pulled out to its full length.  A fully-enclosed tube with quite a tassel.  Dubbelmossa, pulled out full length

To wear it, you first push the bottom up inside the top, making it half as tall and 2 layers thick.  Dubbelmossa, doubled to half length

Then, you fold up some brim.  Now the hat is about 1/3 as tall, and swaddles your ears in no less than 4 layers of 2-color wool warmness.  fully-folded Dubbelmossa cap

Last for today, let me show you ds’s sampler scarf in 5 colors of Harrisville Designs’ flax/wool blend.  He picked out the celtic designs on the front side himself.  DS Sampler scarf, back view  front view of ds's sampler scarfAh, the memories!

One Response to “More Oldies, but Goodies”

  1. Marsha said

    I’m hoping that 2008 is the year I finally dare to try my hand at colorwork. Thanks for the inspiration here!

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