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2 Hats

Posted by mtmom on November 28, 2007

One is done, and pleases me.  The other is not, and does not — at least, not so very much.

First, the happy hat!  This child-sized Zig-zag Cap is based on Arenda Holladay’s “Zig-zag Socks” pattern in the Nov. ’07 – Jan. ’08 issue of CastOn magazine, published by TKGAZig-zag cap

It’s very stretchy.  I particularly like the 5-pointed star pattern that emerged as I decreased the top in-pattern.  Top of zig-zag cap

Can you see it?  It is a bit subtle. 

I see a tiny star at the very top/center, and then , offset between its little points,  longer arms reaching out, over past the edges of the top and continuing on down the sides.  To highlight this serendipitous feature, I’ve bought some silver-lined clear seed beads, with an eye toward embroidering them along — or between — the spines of the star.  What do you think?

Jane Davis has written several books on beads and knitting; I have one here to check for technique guidance.  Perhaps I’ll also write to Ellen of EarthFaire (yarns, beads, patterns, etc.) seeking tips.  She’s always been very nice and eager to help.  (And she carries some cool stuff, too!  NAYY)

The other hat I’ve been working on is based on the Spiral Skullcap pattern from the book The Knitting Way, by Linda Skolnik (founder of Patternworks) and Janice MacDaniels.  (BTW, that book was also the source of the pattern for my Moebius Neck-cozy.)  I finished the spiral, bound off, and sewed it up.  A bit tricky, but I got the joins to be even and not gap or pucker.  Still, I was not delighted with the Nautilus seashell-like final result.  bloopy top to spiral skullcap 
And since I used acrylic yarn, and not a natural fiber, I will not be able to block out the non-circularity.

I then picked up stiches all around the outer circumference, adding a couple of short rows (blue, in the above photo) where they seemed to be needed, and have begun working downward in a garter stitch tube, to make the hat (hopefully) fit better. 

It doesn’t look too bad from the other side. . . . other view of cap top  Perhaps a pom-pom? 

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