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Autumn Treasures

Posted by mtmom on October 28, 2007

The seasons are definitely turning.  The trees are glorious . . .  lovely aspens in our backyard (this our own backyard!)

. . . and some of the cold-month residents are returning. (I’ve sighted a Dark-eyed Junco.) Dark-eyed Junco

We took a family photo today — with an eye toward Christmas mailing.  {What?!  eek!  No, calm down now; deep breaths.  In.  Out.  In.  Out.}  Swift family, 2007

But, this IS a knitting blog, so . . . on to the handwork!

I’m nearly to the heel of the second knee sock.  foot of second knee sock

I’m working one more pair of increases on this one, compared to the first sock, and starting them sooner.  Also positioning them on the instep needle, rather than on the sole side of midline.  They won’t match exactly, but then this is a learning project, right?  (I may or may not submit it for judging at the County Fair next year — they would most likely dock points.)  And I am most definitely learning!  I’m glad I chose a worsted-weight yarn for this prototype;  I can see results of choices much more rapidly than if I were working with fingering-weight.

But I’m thinking most about my Fair Isle sampler project.  Here’s an update photo.  whole tube up to this point

I’m very excited about including these new greens (left, in photo).  I think that’s because I’ve gone to my wider collection of yarns, including not just the KnitPicks “Palette” but also the Jamieson & Smith “2-ply jumper-weight” shetland.  I expect to use the greens in the first peerie band.  But first, I want to talk about this border pattern.  border, in color

I’ve been working from a chart with the colors labeled as “pale blue” and “orange” on “grey”.  My first choices, as you see above, didn’t contrast enough with the background to be noticed much, so I switched to a medium orange and blue.  Both stood out more, but the blue disproportionately so.  I therefore darkened the orange further on the last rounds.  Now the blue and orange are about equal in value.  I adjusted the saturation on my photo to confirm this.  border, in black & white


Why does this matter?  In part because, as you may recall, the photo I have of the author’s finished garment is in Black/White.  Here’s a close-up of the original jacket border.  BW image from book

Hmmm. . . .  Something is not matching here.

But here’s the chart:  chart for border pattern

No “blank” lines here.  The color blocks are clearly offset from one another. . . . 

One of Sarah Don’s colors must have been lighter, and blended in with her grey background, so we’re not seeing it in the photo. 

Some detective work appears to be in order!

Comparing the photo to the charts for the border (rep = 4 sts) and first peerie pattern (rep = 6 sts), and seeing how they line up in the first few repeats . . . .  I think it’s the “pale blue” that we aren’t seeing.

I could tweak mine to match hers next time I use it in the sampler, or I could go with my current arrangement of “matched-value” blues and oranges.  Virtue to both approaches.  But . . . I’ve been wanting to see what Ms. Don had in mind, so I think now I’ll probably fade the blue next time it comes up.  Maybe the light blue and the medium orange?  Hmmmm. . . .

Meanwhile, the kitten has increased her weight by more than 30% (my DH and DS, the scientists. . .).  kitten attacks silk flowers

“Ha ha!  I’ve got you now you, you. . . you blossom, you!”

We think we’ll name her Chloe. 

2 Responses to “Autumn Treasures”

  1. Angeluna said

    Your fair isle sampler is just beautiful. Chloe is totally adorable, and the name suits her perfectly. And so glad to see you included her in the family portrait! Christmas, oh my gosh. It is right around the corner, isn’t it?

  2. Kathy said

    Wow, you are a great skill for selecting the right colors, this is just spectacular!

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